Your Family

Often the biggest financial risk you can take is to do nothing. To quote a Chinese proverb if you don’t plan for your future, you get the one that shows up! We care about what matters most to you. We help you plan to live well.

We create tailored financial solutions that allow you to focus on the moments that matter to you and your family. Let us help you achieve your Life Goals with financial coaching and support from a team unified behind one common goal... your success.

We will help you journey towards financial independence and a secure financial future with :-

  • Family inter-generational wealth planning
  • Protecting family wealth against inheritance tax
  • Saving for children and grandchildren
  • University Planning
  • Retirement

This is what our clients thought...


"My family and I are very impressed with the support, advice, and professionalism provided by Wealth Professional. Their technical knowledge has been a major factor in saving a lot of money which would otherwise have been lost in unnecessary tax. They have provided advice on a broad range of topics including pension, investment and the complexities of inheritance tax which they made far more understandable. We’re delighted with the honest, personable and speed of service we receive."

Ms L G, East Lothian

"Our family use Douglas and his team to provide advice on pension, financial protection, and business planning. They have looked after us extremely well, they are a safe pair of hands and we trust them. On a personal note, when my partner died the team took over a lot of the heart breaking paperwork relating to our affairs, taking a huge weight off my shoulders. The care, compassion, confidentiality and support was nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much."