Investment Management

Investment of capital is a very personal matter. You may be seeking to achieve better returns than cash, or accumulate wealth for the future, or set up a sensible level of retirement income.

Whichever your strategy it is important your investments are appropriate and working hard for you.

There is no magical answer in today's global environment but a soundly based portfolio reviewed regularly is a core requirement for success.

Managing the balance between risk and return is important. At Wealth Professional we start with a detailed questionnaire to determine your overall appetite for risk and capacity for possible loss.

Generally, the higher the potential return the higher the level of risk you need to take with your money.  However, investing is not all about taking big risks and chasing impressive returns. You may simply want to focus on preserving your hard earned capital and take minimal risks. 

Whatever the requirement we listen to you and then recommend an investment strategy ensuring you understand the options, the possible risks and potential rewards. We’ll monitor your plan on an on-going basis and report to you regularly on how your portfolio is performing.


Investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back what you originally invested.